Registration in the Netherlands

If you have come to live in the Netherlands you must register your details in the Dutch population register (BRP) in Best within 5 days of your arrival. You will need to make an appointment for this by calling 14 0499.

When do you need to register your intention to settle in the Netherlands?

If you come to live in the Netherlands from another country, you must inform your Municipality of your arrival. You also need to register with the Municipality if you will spend at least 4 of the 6 months in the Netherlands.

Bring with you

  • A valid proof of identity (passport or identity card)
  • A house rental or purchase agreement, or the Acceptance as a lodger form (only in Dutch) which has been completed by the person with whom you are going to be living
  • If you were born outside the Netherlands: your birth certificate
  • If you have come from a country outside the European Union: proof that you are legally entitled to reside in the Netherlands
  • If you have come from the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba or Belgium: proof of deregistration
  • We may also require other documents from you, such as a marriage certificate or divorce certificate

If your entire family is moving to the Netherlands, your partner and children must also accompany you to the appointment.

Time taken to process your application

You will receive a confirmation of your registration within 4 weeks.

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