Marriage and registered partnership

You have decided to marry or enter into a registered partnership. It’s an exciting time. Before this special moment you first have to make an announcement of marriage/registered partnership. You can arrange this online or make an appointment.

Arrange your announcement of marriage/registered partnership online (only in Dutch)

Need to bring

  • DigiD
  • Names of witnesses
  • Ideal credentials

When we checked your online reservation and we agree, you receive a confirmation of the date of your marriage or registered partnership.

Announcement at the counter

You can also arrange your announcement of marriage/registered partnership at the appropriate counter at the Municipality of Best. 

Make an appointment (only in Dutch) or call 14 0499.

Need to bring

  • Your valid passport or identity card.
  • Your intended partner’s valid passport or identity card.
  • A copy of each witness’s valid passport or identity card.
  • Money or debit/credit card to pay the costs for the marriage or registered partnership.

Notice: probably you need more documents if you (or you both) are born abroad or lived abroad. Please contact us before the appointment.

Free marriage/partnership

Is one of you living in the municipality of Best? Then you can get a free marriage or registered partnership. In this case there is no ceremony or speech and only the couple and the witnesses are present.

For a free marriage or partnership you have to make an appointment. An online announcement is not possible.
Make an appointment (only in Dutch)

Name options

If you are married or a registered partner you can choose which surname you wish to use and how you want the Municipality to address you. Notice: official documents always use your surname at birth. More information about dit subject you find on the page Naamgebruik veranderen (only in Dutch).


The rules governing the community of property system in a marriage or registered partnership will change from 1 January 2018. The new system will be one of a 'limited' community of property. This has consequences for the distribution of possessions and debts existing before the marriage or partnership, and of any gifts or presents either of you receive during your marriage or partnership. For more information about the changes, go to (only in Dutch) or ask a notary.

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